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Get confidence in your IDH1 R132H stain: Find more than 100 scientific publications for clone H09 on CiteAb.

IDH1 R132H antibody clone H09 (DIA-H09) is an indispensable tool for Glioma diagnosis with high impact on cancer research as documented by nearly 100 scientific publications on CiteAb.

IDH1 R132H immunohistochemistry (IHC) forms a backbone for the differential diagnosis of gliomas. The 2016 WHO-classification for CNS Tumors recommends the analysis of new molecular markers on formalin-fixed tissues together with classical histomorphology. The focus here is on immunohistochemical determination of the IDH1 and ATRX mutation status. Successive integration of IHC procedures reduces the number of molecular tests required for unequivocal diagnosis (Reus et al., Acta Neuropathol. 129, 2015).

 anti-IDH1 R132H clone H09

 anti- ATRX clone AX1